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Helping Organizations Build and Scale – With a People Lens.



"I believe in leveraging diversity in developing people management agendas that motivate employee engagement and drive results.


Recognized as a mover and shaker in the world of talent management, I am interested in networking with other cutting-edge and progressive HR business professionals."

Successful Global Chief People Officer and Business Leader with 20 years of progressive experience in strategic HR leadership and key talent acquisition

As a Board Member and Executive Sponsor, my business acumen and ability to communicate among all stakeholders provides the foundation to my comprehensive approach to effective business and people management. I have a passion and innate sense for identifying and mentoring key talent to maximize business outcomes.

My JD and bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration enables me to partner with key leaders in developing revenue-impacting business and people plans. I thrive when serving as a key advisor to C-suite executives, identifying transformational necessities and clarifying the leadership profile required for an organization to pivot business strategy and develop change initiatives to achieve sustainable growth.

Having lived in Europe and traveled internationally to recruit and develop top talent around the world, I work gracefully across different cultures, business models, and leadership styles.

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